Ranking Proposal Generals + Meeting Feb 4th 1pm Saturday


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    Ranking Proposal Generals + Meeting Feb 4th 1pm Saturday

    Post  pogito007 on Sat Feb 04, 2012 5:26 am

    This will effect all Ranks from gererals and ranks above.

    To strengthen the ranks and to create a more motivating experience to earn ranks and maintaining the positions from Generals and ranks above.

    This is only add ons and extra requirements for general ranks and above.

    1. Generals: (gold star)126 cb f2p with 5m application, 25m+ total xp within PKOs clan total, and must be responsible.

    2. Admins: it will stay the same requirements, no xp or fee requirement, trusted, responsible,recruiters, active, forum admins, and remain as extra moderators of the clan.

    3. Organizer: No xp or fee requirements, warlords, citadel and event planners, and also act as moderators of the clan usually more active the admins of the clan which holds more responsiblity than admins.

    4. Coordinator: Trusted and membs sellers of the clan.

    5. Overseerer:(bronze key) Councils of the clan 10m fee+ 50m xp requirement.

    6. Deputy Owner:(silver key) High councils and Leaders, 20m fee + 100m total xp, responsible, managers...

    Discussion will be Saturday 1pm February 4th.

    This wil be a long process and will depend on votes and suggestions made to better the clan.

    We will also discuss other improvements of the clan or we will be available to discuss it all.


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