Emil D Great Application


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    Emil D Great Application

    Post  exiled47 on Sat Apr 14, 2012 12:31 am

    1. What is your original RS name and your current RS name:
    Exiled47/Emil D Great
    2. What is your F2P Combat level and P2P Combat level:
    Strength: 99
    Range: 99
    Skill Capes:13 in bank. But, I cant wear the Prayer and Fletching cape Due to rollback
    Total Level:2016

    3. List all your Clan History, include dates, and reasons why you left those clans:
    CFG Around 2008-2009 [quitted to join tm]
    The migrants around 2008 - 2010[closed]
    Forgot the months. Sorry
    4. Have you added all of this listed below:
    Note: RSN's change monthly so its optional to add due to frequent name changes. Be aware add and get to know the sub leaders and councils in the clan chat and at teamspeak.

    Council - tif4lockh4rt I got here added.

    General Questions:

    1. Link to your Introduction: http://pinoykantao.crazy4us.com/t1094-emil-d-great-intro#4318

    2. Pinoykantao Code: Pinoykantao-we love the way we fight

    3. How did you hear of PinoyKantao:
    I heard it from ate tif4lockh4rt
    4. What timezone are you:
    5. In PinoyKantao we use Teamspeak 3 Primary: ( ) Secondary: ( ) Please add to your ts3 quick bookmarks. Will you stay active in it: Ill try. I got crappy computer atm. I might only use ts when there is a war or meeting.

    6. Please give a rating using a scale of 1-10.

    Activity and Clan Events: 6
    Warring Skills:6
    Motivation and Dedication:6

    7. Have you been invited in game in our clan chat room:
    8. Who is the Mentor you have chosen and have you added him/her in-game? (Refer to the sticky topic within this forum).
    9. What skills do you think you will add to PinoyKantao:I dont know yet. I just came back from the game. I dont know if im still good in binding/raging since thats my position when I was playing RS back in 2008-2010.

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    Re: Emil D Great Application

    Post  Admin on Sat Jun 02, 2012 1:44 pm

    Rejected. Member left the due to various events that he did have interest in. Good luck and maybe we will meet again.

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