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    K a E y fa

    Post  kaeyftw on Tue Nov 05, 2013 10:33 pm

    1. What is your original RS name and your current RS name: Original : KaEy_TFR , Current : K a E y

    2. What is your F2P Combat level and P2P Combat level: F2P : 148 , P2P [  ]

    Attack: 50
    Strength: 79
    Defence: 65
    Constitution: 77
    Range: 81
    Magic: 73
    Prayer: 44
    Skill Capes: wla pa Smile
    Total Level: 1051

    3. List all your Clan History, include dates, and reasons why you left those clans: Pke , TFR , UPG 

    - Reason : inactive dati

    4. Have you added all of this listed below: 

    - Only 2 atm , can't find the others ._.

    Leader - pogito007
    Leader - OWENKANTAO
    Council - Aerthos
    Council - jay_x24
    Council - jazzy babe
    Council - bebe asha
    Council - AdekSayo
    Council - tif4lockh4rt
    Warlord - latiw pko
    Warlord - Aseo
    Warlord - mindcrasy
    Mentors- Jopas1401  - fruitarian

    General Questions:

    1. Link to your Introduction: --> http://pinoykantao.crazy4us.com/t1325-introduction-raiyushi

    2. Pinoykantao Code: (Located in the Clan rules) 

     [color=green][i]Pinoykantao-we love the way we fight[/i][/color]
    3. How did you hear of PinoyKantao (who reffered you): Ate Zoeh 

    4. What timezone are you: GMT -8 [ Central European Time ]

    5. In PinoyKantao we use Teamspeak 3 Primary: ( ts52.gameserver.com:9130 ) Please add to your ts3 quick bookmarks. 
    Will you stay active in it: Yeah

    6. Please give a rating using a scale of 1-10.

    Activity and Clan Events: 7
    Warring Skills: 6
    Motivation and Dedication: 8

    7. Have you been invited in game in our clan chat room: Yes

    8. Who is the Mentor you have chosen and have you added him/her in-game? (Refer to the sticky topic within this forum). ate zoeh

    9. What skills do you think you will add to PinoyKantao:Im Good in pking Smile

    10. What is your Facebook page link?  

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    Re: K a E y fa

    Post  Admin on Wed Feb 26, 2014 11:09 pm

    Accepted.  Welcome to Pinoykantao.  Hope to see you not quit runescape as each of the members accounts are joined to unite and a part of the clan.

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