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    FA ~~~~> Venomancer50

    Post  venomancer50 on Mon Jun 30, 2014 3:08 pm

    1. What is your original RS name and your current RS name: Venomancer50

    2. What is your F2P Combat level and P2P Combat level: f2p CB: 183

    Attack: 91
    Strength: 90
    Defence: 90
    Constitution: 91
    Range: 72
    Magic: 56
    Prayer: 52
    Skill Capes: none
    Total Level: 1144

    3. List all your Clan History, include dates, and reasons why you left those clans: Enkantao 2008 maybe ( highschool life) -----> Seed Clan and CoB the later dates. Reasons: They replaced Enkantao with another name of clan so I didn't leave ^_^

    General Questions:

    1. Link to your Introduction: http://pinoykantao.crazy4us.com/t1417-woot-veno-reposting-for-introductions-haha-d

    2. Pinoykantao Code: (Located in the Clan rules) Pinoykantao-we love the way we fight

    3. How did you hear of PinoyKantao (who reffered you): Dunno but always been member of this clan before it becomes PKO.

    4. What timezone are you: GMT+8

    5. In PinoyKantao we use Teamspeak 3 Primary: ( ts52.gameserver.com:9130 ) Please add to your ts3 quick bookmarks. Will you stay active in it: Yes But I don't have mic so probably can't speak Very Happy

    6. Please give a rating using a scale of 1-10.

    Activity and Clan Events: 8 for now (I've been inactive so i dunno the events)
    Warring Skills: 10 ( Good Leadership since Enkantao, Seed and CoB )
    Motivation and Dedication: 8 ( Don't see some of my friends since Enkantao [probably different display name or maybe some quitted )

    7. Have you been invited in game in our clan chat room:  Yes

    8. Who is the Mentor you have chosen and have you added him/her in-game? (Refer to the sticky topic within this forum). Maybe Jerald ( MoneyMaking $_$ )

    9. What skills do you think you will add to PinoyKantao: I don't have skills lol probably I can't contribute anything but I'm friendly. That should be plenty enough. haha Very Happy

    10. What is your Facebook page name? Uso-tsuki Uso-tsuki

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    Re: FA ~~~~> Venomancer50

    Post  Admin on Sat Apr 25, 2015 11:03 pm

    Accepted. Welcome to Pinoykantao.

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