Outdated Rules and Policies


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    Outdated Rules and Policies

    Post  Admin on Sun Sep 12, 2010 8:28 pm

    Communication System

    It is very important to stay active and motivated in Pinoykantao because it will help with communication.  Stay active in the clan chat and forums, check them daily and weekly and anything questionable make a post.  We would like to know that you are a active member.  Also add leaders and officials email addresses and contact information.

    Attendance System

    It is not accepted when you ask to attend a event and do not show, you will get a warning.  If tit occurs repeatedly then you will be kicked.  Whenever we have an official event setup on the forums you need to post on the topic.

    Validating System

    Be sure that it is not guranteed when you apply that you automatically get ranked or be a member here.  It is a process and if you want to join, you will have to prove to us that you meet the requirements.

    Clan/Forums/Events/Warring Rules

    I: Clan Chat/Teamspeak

    1. No flaming or offensive language or behavior.
    2. No spamming or flooding the chat.
    3. No racist and discriminatory remarks.
    4. No posting pornography or links leading to porn websites.
    5. Do not impersonate another member, especially Top Ranks and the Leader.
    6. Use your Runescape name, or personal name for nickname on the Clan Chat and Teamspeak.
    7. Do not hack, tamper with, or impersonate another members account.  This includes scamming.
    8. No accounting sharing at all.

    II: Forums

    1. No Spamming allowed.  This includes posting one word replies and posting emotions only.
    2. No double posting.
    3. Post replies and topics in the sections appropriately to what you are posting.
    4. Respect all decisions made by the officials.  If you feel they are abusing their powers, pm the leader or council.
    5. Act mature on the forum and other forums.  Remember you are representing PinoyKantao.


    Please copy this code below and you will need to post it on #5 on your application to prove you have read the rules.

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