aZnPinoy's application to PKO



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    aZnPinoy's application to PKO

    Post  Aznpinoy on Sat Jan 29, 2011 3:40 am

    The Application

    Create a new topic, copy, and paste below

    1. Original Name: Strength647 Current name: aZnPinoy

    2. F2p cb: 116 P2P: 124

    Strength: 99
    Defence:98 (330k to 99 as i make this application!) Smile
    Range: 83
    Skill Capes:strength and soon to be def
    Total Level:1619

    3. List all your Clan History, include dates, and reasons why you left those clans: I have never had a pass experience in clans like this. pero gusto ko mg join ng pinoy clan eh.

    4. Have you added all of this listed below: Yes

    Leader - PKO STRONG
    Leader - OWENKANTAO
    Council - Aerthos7
    Council - ljius
    Council - Ms Supladita
    Council - Chaoticsword
    Warlord - Caked
    Warlord - Djwannapko
    Warlord - K3 Her
    Warlord- iluvcup cake
    Mentors- Jopas1401 - Pk_NEVER_dlE - X Yrh3j X
    General Questions:

    1. Link to your Introduction:
    2. Pinoykantao Code: (Located in the Clan rules)
    Pinoykantao-we love the way we fight
    3. How did you hear of PinoyKantao:
    I met ateh Adrienaline
    4. What timezone are you:
    Gmt UK
    5. In PinoyKantao we use Teamspeak 3 ( ) ( port: 9987 ) will you stay active in it: Supriseeed i will try.

    6. Please give a rating using a scale of 1-10.
    Activity and Clan Events: 8
    Warring Skills:8
    Motivation and Dedication:9

    7. Who is the Mentor you have chosen and have you added him/her in-game? (Refer to the sticky topic within this forum).
    All 3 mentors seem good, i don't know reallly. Kuya Jerald seems nice.
    8. What skills do you think you will add to PinoyKantao: i will help with the clan as much as i can

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    Re: aZnPinoy's application to PKO

    Post  Admin on Sat Feb 12, 2011 2:22 pm

    Approved. Potential to succeed to his first clan in RS. Stay active.

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