My Account Status Updates


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    My Account Status Updates

    Post  Nuxxious on Fri Sep 02, 2011 1:41 pm

    Current RS Accounts:

    Lordrish07 ☞ *Main Account* ☞ [Banned]
    iNuxx ☞ *Alternate Account* ☞ [Banned]
    Loraine143 ☞ *Alternate Main Account* ☞ [Active]
    LordNuxx ☞ *New Main Account* ☞ [Active]

    What is your F2P Combat level and P2P Combat level: 100/61/65/133

    ★Lord's status:

    Attack: 80
    Strength: 87 *80k till 88 sana kaso na banned*
    Defence: 80
    Constitution: 83
    Range: 45
    Magic: 50
    Prayer: 45
    Firemaking: 65
    WoodCutting: 80
    Skill Capes: *wala pa, trying to get STR SC*

    ** I think there's still a chance na ma unbanned yung main ko.
    Wag naman sana ma-character kill ang main account ko. Sad Sad Crying or Very sad Crying or Very sad

    ★iNuxx status:

    Attack: 40
    Strength: 71
    Defence: 40
    Constitution: 61
    Range: 1
    Magic: 1
    Prayer: 11
    Firemaking: 1
    WoodCutting: 1
    Skill Capes: None

    ** 3 weeks palang yang account na yan pero na banned na din. cause of prayer bot.
    I've been botting this account for 2 weeks pero nung nag pick and bury bones bot ako, na banned. Na detect ata yung script na nagamit ko. hahaha! so ayun.

    ★Loraine143 status:

    Attack: 35
    Strength: 40
    Defence: 40
    Constitution: 65
    Range: 70
    Magic: 45
    Prayer: 40
    Firemaking: 40
    WoodCutting: 60
    Skill Capes: *none*

    ** kasabay to ni Lordrish, suppose to be na dapat scammer lang to.
    (Di pa nauuso ang trade limit nun at meron pang wildy and boneyard)
    dahil sa sobrang boring, I trained her range and make. well dahil nga sa main ko si lord, napagiwanan na to. pero inspired ako sa RANGE TANK ni NICO, and tenks to him, may new main account na ko. Smile

    ★LordNuxx status:

    Attack: 99
    Strength: 99
    Defence: 99
    Constitution: 99
    Range: 99
    Magic: 91
    Prayer: 80
    Firemaking: 77
    WoodCutting: 77
    Skill Capes: *Dami po Very Happy*

    ** Unknown information lol!

    -- So, ayan. UPDATES ng mga ACCOUNTS ko. Smile so I'ma just chill. Very Happy

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    Re: My Account Status Updates

    Post  pogito007 on Sat Sep 03, 2011 3:40 pm

    Some topics to help you.

    Writing a appeal.

    Also google banned accounts, muted, and browse other related forum topics.


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    Re: My Account Status Updates

    Post  hamster on Sun Sep 04, 2011 6:04 pm

    hi Exclamation


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    Re: My Account Status Updates

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