Runescape Connection Lost Prob

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    Runescape Connection Lost Prob

    Post  Ash Ketchup on Thu Nov 03, 2011 5:16 am

    After the bot nuke update Dungeoneering door lag has been incredibly bad
    for me, so much so that four doors opened at once actually caused the
    client to freeze and crash for me in one dungeon. After a few days of it
    and ranting to friends, a friend that is an avid castle wars player
    told me of a way to increase the RAM allocated to the client and is one
    technique that the CWC (Castle Wars community) uses.

    The default allocation to the client is 128MB, but its possible to easily increase that:

    - For W7 and Vista users its simple to search for "prm" on the Start Menu. You are looking for the "Runescape.prm" file.

    Right click on it and open its file location. This will just bring up
    the file where the client is saved. Right click on the file again and
    open it in notepad.

    - The third line is what you are looking for.
    It should say "Xmx128m." This is the RAM allocated to the client.
    Replace the 128 with 512 and save it. You'll have to close the client to
    save it.

    To confirm it did anything, before you do this open the
    developers console and type "heap" it will show the RAM allocated to
    the client and do it after. Mine personally went from 128mb to 495mb

    This fixed every bit of door lag for me. I have a small
    loading screen when I open the door and nearly no delay when I don't
    open the door. This also makes loading screens around Runescape almost
    completely gone even in high detail.

    Here is a youtube video on how to do it:

    Minimum requirements:
    512MB RAM
    1GHz CPU
    Sun Java 1.6.10

    If you don't have the Downloadable Runescape client yet you can download it here -

    The download file is named ' Game Client ' Download it by clicking the link above.

    This also help after downloading the RS client

    The lower the " CPU Usage " The less lag..

    If you look at my task manager you'll see my firefox uses up 200K+ memory and 7 CPU

    If not using closing it using task manager.
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    Re: Runescape Connection Lost Prob

    Post  Roadz on Thu Nov 03, 2011 8:44 pm

    nice Smile

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